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CAPCOM is a public aggregator of subscribable Gemini pages and Gemini Atom feeds. It was inspired by:

The Bongusta aggregator for Gopherspace

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Aggregating 100 Atom feeds from Geminispace.


Techrights - IRC Proceedings: Sunday, June 04, 2023

2023-06-04 bphflog - Degrowth

Lantashi's Gemlog - Hybrid Shadows - Watched, Scouting Mission

Techrights - Links 04/06/2023: Why Flatpak and Wealth of Devices With GNU/Linux

Techrights - Journalism Cannot and Quite Likely Won’t Survive on the World Wide Web

Techrights - StatCounter: GNU/Linux (Including ChromeOS) Grows to 8% Market Share Worldwide

Techrights - Gemini Links 04/06/2023: Rosy Crow 1.1.3 and NearlyFreeSpeech.NET

Techrights - Links 04/06/2023: Unifont 15.0.05 and PCLinuxOS Stuff

Techrights - Gemini Links 04/06/2023: Wayland and the Old Computer Challenge

Techrights - IRC Proceedings: Saturday, June 03, 2023

Techrights - Do Not Assume Pensions Are Safe, Especially When Managed by Mr. EPOTIF Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos

Techrights - Links 04/06/2023: Azure Outage Again (So Many!) and Tiananmen Massacre Censored

Schmiddi's Blog - Wayland - Only the Future or Already the Present

2023-06-03 bphflog - Jevons Protocol


JBanana's gemlog - Caller ID and scams ☎ bphflog - Music of the Spheres

2023-05-31 bphflog - Composing with Constraints: Episodes I-III

Michaelʼs Gemlog - Today I Lost an Important Thing in My Life

2023-05-30 bphflog - The HTTP client person as seen from Gemini

Michaelʼs Gemlog - A Recommendation: Future Histories Podcast bphflog - Toy Orbit Simulator


mediocregopher's lil web corner - RESP as a General Purpose Serialization Protocol

Laniakea Journal - Summer is here


JBanana's gemlog - Indoor plumbing 🌊 bphflog - You Are Probably Weird

2023-05-27 bphflog - Small Errors


Laniakea Journal - May CLI additions

2023-05-24 bphflog - On Profit

Laniakea Journal - dithering photos


JBanana's gemlog - Big gold medal 🏅 bphflog - Summarizing HTML: a quixotic and questionable quest with an overly long subject that has excessive alliteration

mediocregopher's lil web corner - Domiply: Your Friendly Neighborhood Gateway

2023-05-22 bphflog - Re: Bubble

Michaelʼs Gemlog - Feedback and Validation, Engagement and Performance

Michaelʼs Gemlog - Everybody Has a Take on Bubble. Here’s Mine


Laniakea Journal - Print and Play

2023-05-20 bphflog - Introducing the Broad Framework bphflog - Guarded Commands

2023-05-18 bphflog - Threat Axis bphflog - Ex Over Ed

Laniakea Journal - Unclouding Report - May 2023

2023-05-16 bphflog - Going In Circles

Lantashi's Gemlog - Lantashi's Dance - Huyrlikan

2023-05-14 bphflog - Linux: The Derpening

2023-05-13 bphflog - OpenBSD vi Backwards Search Bug

station ping - Носители творчества bphflog - Re: The Trouble With IDEs

Laniakea Journal - new section: TUI cheatsheets

2023-05-12 bphflog - Mountains

2023-05-11 bphflog - Ripped Bodices for Killer Moons

2023-05-10 bphflog - Dabbling with Misfin bphflog - Fixed Fonts


JBanana's gemlog - Code layout again ✍️

station ping - Никто не забыт, ничто не забыто

2023-05-08 bphflog - Not Growth


JBanana's gemlog - Image galleries and writing a browser extension 🖼️ bphflog - No such file or directory

2023-05-06 bphflog - AI Ceiling

2023-05-05 bphflog - Testing New And Strange Functions

2023-05-04 bphflog - The Forth

Michaelʼs Gemlog - My Gemini Crawlers Meta Info Page

2023-05-03 bphflog - Memoization


JBanana's gemlog - Indoor skydiving 🪂 bphflog - A Brace Of Quotes

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