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CAPCOM is an aggregator for Atom feeds of Gemini content. It was inspired by:

The Bongusta aggregator for Gopherspace

Each month, CAPCOM randomly selects 100 distinct URLs from its list of known feeds, and includes their content in its output. This makes it a nice way to discover new content in Geminispace. If you're enjoying content from one feed, you should subscribe to it yourself in some way, because that feed is not guaranteed to be one of the 100 feeds chosen next month!

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Aggregating 100 Atom feeds from Geminispace.


ew0k is a Teddybear - Advent of Bloggers 2021, Dec 3rd

log de prx - gmi2html.awk : support des médias


ew0k is a Teddybear - Hollywood World Rescue

log de prx - gmi2html.awk

ew0k is a Teddybear - Advent of Bloggers 2021, Dec 2nd

kelbot's gemlog - Bread, smolZINE, Videogames and Records


log de prx - Colorer un fichier écrit en gemtext

ew0k is a Teddybear - Advent of Bloggers 2021, Dec 1st

compudanzas - started advent of code 2021 using awk

Halfway to Mars - You might want to check all CAPCOM posts at the start of a new month, not just the new ones.


Alex Schroeder - 2021-11-30 The difference between archiving and record keeping

moddedBear's log - November Is Gone: Thanksgiving, Burnout, and More

Halfway to Mars - I consider when to start trimming my feeds and briefly take a trip down memory lane.

Rob's Gemini Capsule - Scope


ew0k is a Teddybear - Time, Energy, Motivation: Pick Two - Welcome to my capsule! - Добро пожаловать в мою капсулу! - -

log de prx - Sélection/insertion d'emojis (ou autre) avec vi et fzf

Rob's Gemini Capsule - 2021 Week 46/47: Thoughts and Catch-up


ew0k is a Teddybear - "Killing Zombie Children" and Other IT Terms

ew0k is a Teddybear - Some Quick Antenna Stats

Rob's Gemini Capsule - The Movie Theater


Alex Schroeder - 2021-11-27 Emacs as a way of life

ew0k is a Teddybear - Damn Small Software

ew0k is a Teddybear - Running in the Cold


compudanzas - fourth qiudanz technique mini workshop - Making a Leather Belt

Alex Schroeder - 2021-11-26 Random tables, again

Alex Schroeder - 2021-11-26 Why I hate bots

Alex Schroeder - 2021-11-26 Colours in our texts

Alex Schroeder - 2021-11-26 Unhappy thoughts when reading social media

Rob's Gemini Capsule - Thanksgiving 2021

Halfway to Mars - I explain how and why I do things differently when I’m writing in gemtext as opposed to Markdown.

Halfway to Mars - I add Howard Roark’s critique of the Parthenon so I don’t have to look at it on an unstyled web page with no dark mode, em dashes, or curly quotes.

Halfway to Mars - I ponder all the different speeds I can charge my laptop at.

SandboxGeneral - Audio Update Part 2


ew0k is a Teddybear - I Once Transitioned a Friend From Windows to Ubuntu - Nix on Guix notes

kelbot's gemlog - Some More Riffing on PDAs and TUIs


ew0k is a Teddybear - I Want My Next Phone to Have a Headphone Jack

ew0k is a Teddybear - Crashing Things in Space For Science!

compudanzas - third qiudanz technique mini workshop

Drew DeVault's Geminispace blog - My philosophy for productive instant messaging

Juan's Personal Gemlog - Not feeling it

2021-11-23 - Hat Band

moddedBear's log - Covers Better Than the Originals

log de prx - Les différents aspects de ce site

Alex Schroeder - 2021-11-23 Episode 39


ew0k is a Teddybear - Non-sugary Desserts?

ew0k is a Teddybear - Re: Do you write about non-technical stuff on your gemlog?

kelbot's gemlog - Computer Pranks and Fun


compudanzas - taught and enjoyed our intro to uxn programming online workshop via babycastles academy!

Une capsule Gemini francophone - Minilog, ou GLOG (Gemini Log)

Rob's Gemini Capsule - Last Night's Drinks - Grumbling about youth and actresses. -

kelbot's gemlog - RE: Lightweight GUIs, TUIs


ew0k is a Teddybear - Re: Re: Lightweight, Simple, and Cross-Platform GUI Programming?

log de prx - Les livres que j'ai aimé

Alex Schroeder - 2021-11-20 Climate Catastrophe in 1990

Kota's blog - Warm Days

Drew DeVault's Geminispace blog - An alternative to the Dark Forest hypothesis

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