CAPCOM Geminispace aggregator

CAPCOM is an aggregator for Atom feeds of Gemini content. It was inspired by:

The Bongusta aggregator for Gopherspace

Each month, CAPCOM randomly selects 100 distinct URLs from its list of known feeds, and includes their content in its output. This makes it a nice way to discover new content in Geminispace. If you're enjoying content from one feed, you should subscribe to it yourself in some way, because that feed is not guaranteed to be one of the 100 feeds chosen next month!

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Aggregating 100 Atom feeds from Geminispace.


Simon's blog - Ayu Guys!

Ávalos' Indie Gemlog - Update October 2021: Autumn

Alyssa Rosenzweig - A smol kernel hack


Simon's bee blog - Do not disturb

Alex Schroeder - 2021-10-23 Gemini opinions!

Alex Schroeder - 2021-10-23 Martin Rue’s Gemini Station


gluon's gemlog - Control the mouse with the keyboard in Xorg

log de prx - Vaccin, covid, doutes et réflexions feed - Defensive DevOps

log de prx - What if there is no more internet ?


log de prx - VPN wireguard ipv4 and ipv4 (dual-stack) on OpenBSD


JBanana's occasional gemlog - Answering my own Questions for October 🤔

Shufei! - The 微phlog (Weiphlog)

Shufei! - 2021-09-27 DIY - ROOPHLOCH - Wood Stoves in a Camper

nytpu's flight log - 2021-10-20 13:03

Gemlog de Reset Reboot - Blendertober 2021

log de prx - How to setup goaccess to get nice stats with OpenBSD httpd


JBanana's occasional gemlog - Questions for October 🤔

JBanana's occasional gemlog - Boats to many places 🚢


left_adjoint: An inconsistent universe - Transness and The Monstrous Body

station ping - Аскетика в отладке

Alex Schroeder - 2021-10-18 WebDAV is tricky


Simon's blog - A long week

Simon's bee blog - No fondant thanks


log de prx - OpenBSD 7.0 : les nouveautés coup de coeur

log de prx - Retour sous XMPP

JBanana's occasional gemlog - Cheetah cam 🐆


Alex Schroeder - 2021-10-15 Games and the people that play them

Alex Schroeder - 2021-10-15 Re: Mark It Down


JBanana's occasional gemlog - Boating 🚣 and Turkish GP 🏁 and camp fire blankets 🔥

station ping - Редактор acme: пишем почтовый клиент

Толстоевский - Находки в пространстве


Alex Schroeder - 2021-10-11 Old School but no modules


Simon's blog - Rainbow Wood

Толстоевский - MNT Reform: Два месяца спустя

log de prx - nethack-8


Толстоевский - Незамеченный сентябрь. Дневник


Alex Schroeder - 2021-10-08 How to write a letter

Alex Schroeder - 2021-10-08 Talking about Cancer on Facebook


left_adjoint: An inconsistent universe - The future danger of NFTs

2021-10-06 - Play Tak against a bot over Gemini!

Simon's bee blog - Ew0k on The Social Lives of Bees

Shufei! - 2021-09-30 - Science - Politics - Ambivalences about Science

log de prx - Code d'intégration du support de gzip à httpd

log de prx - Compression gzip avec httpd - Switched to gmnisrv

English language articles on - The Crash That Wasn't


Alex Schroeder - 2021-10-05 Comments in source code

Simon's bee blog - Cooldown


JBanana's occasional gemlog - Legacy code, you say? ⌨️

makeworld's gemlog - 2021-10-04-linux-wine-pyinstaller


Alex Schroeder - 2021-10-03 Toki pona and OpenType fonts

Simon's blog - Fungi

log de prx - The OpenBSD Webzine

log de prx - lynx


JBanana's occasional gemlog - New news feed 📰


nytpu's flight log - 2021-10-02 08:22 — Re: Proof of work

Mathematics - Furstenberg as an Introduction to Topology


log de prx - Afficher emojis et symboles unicode

log de prx - gemtext2tex

log de prx - 10km

log de prx - Pages /uses et /now


Simon's bee blog - Builders and bees

Kota's blog - Re: xim

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