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CAPCOM is an aggregator for Atom feeds of Gemini content. It was inspired by:

The Bongusta aggregator for Gopherspace

Each month, CAPCOM randomly selects 100 distinct URLs from its list of known feeds, and includes their content in its output. This makes it a nice way to discover new content in Geminispace. If you're enjoying content from one feed, you should subscribe to it yourself in some way, because that feed is not guaranteed to be one of the 100 feeds chosen next month!

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Aggregating 100 Atom feeds from Geminispace.


Drew DeVault's Geminispace blog - Status update, January 2022


Rob's Gemini Capsule - Twisty Puzzles


ew0k is a Teddybear - Remarkable How a Week of Work Changes Everything

Halfway to Mars - My favorite podcast app drops its custom font and I am surprised by how it’s not all bad.

Drew DeVault's Geminispace blog - The RISC-V experience


ew0k is a Teddybear - Re: Regexp Issues in GNOME Terminal(?)

Rob's Gemini Capsule - Federating over Gemini


left_adjoint: An inconsistent universe - RE: Six weeks. Burn out. Repeat.

ew0k is a Teddybear - Regexp Issues in GNOME Terminal(?)

The Boston Diaries - Let's look at some bots that aren't the MJ12Bot

ajft - wildlife - 2022/0112/0700 — morning walk


ew0k is a Teddybear - Re: My favourite strange clocks

Rob's Gemini Capsule - Acclimating New Gemini Users

ajft - wildlife - 2022/0111/1500 — gardening


Толстоевский - Понедельник

ew0k is a Teddybear - Is Reading As Stimulating As Streaming?

corsca - Im Back!

Rob's Gemini Capsule - 2022 Week 1: Thoughts and Photos

ajft - wildlife - 2022/0110/1400 — what happened


Kota's blog - Javascript Troubles

ew0k is a Teddybear - Games I’ve Found Addictive

ew0k is a Teddybear - Words for Nightmares While Awake

Rob's Gemini Capsule - Personal Timestamps

Eric Bower's gemlog -


The Boston Diaries - “You can't fix the bug until you have filled out form 27B/6.”


ew0k is a Teddybear - Is There a Word For Nightmares While Awake?

Rob's Gemini Capsule - Science Fiction versus Real Names

Rob's Gemini Capsule - Announcement: Major Chess Bug Fixed

The Boston Diaries - Meeting my new manager before training my new manager


Rob's Gemini Capsule - Qemu Networking

The Boston Diaries - Fixing bugs by cleaning code


ew0k is a Teddybear - Not Looking Forward to My Wonderful Job

The Boston Diaries - “What idiot did this? Oh … said idiot is me.”

The Boston Diaries - Back to the saltmine, where all my passwords have expired


Rob's Gemini Capsule - 2021 Week 51/52: Thoughts and Photos


Sensor Station - wellness.recipe.elderberry-elixir

ew0k is a Teddybear - Considering Running Gemserv in Container - A New (Old) Crank

Rob's Gemini Capsule - Thoughts on Democratic Computing

Halfway to Mars - I shoved all my published-in-2021 entries off onto their own page. Happy new year.

2022-01-01 feed - Bash Golf Part 2

ew0k is a Teddybear - Re: Breaking Antenna (or "Why Gemfeed Timestamps Sometimes Break")

The Boston Diaries - Ramming in the New Year


Halfway to Mars - I play Metroid Dread over the course of 2½ months.

ew0k is a Teddybear - Dear 2022

left_adjoint: An inconsistent universe - a myriad of things: decentralization, phlogs, and commitment devices

2021-12-30 - Arcade Stick

Halfway to Mars - If small changes in long diffed lines bother you, consider upgrading your differ.

Halfway to Mars - Homebrew is the new Freshmeat.


The Boston Diaries - Software can just never be done it seems

The Boston Diaries - Still going strong, a week later

ew0k is a Teddybear - Re: Small net and social networks

ew0k is a Teddybear - Re: Are there 2 types of decentralization?

ew0k is a Teddybear - Are Tabletop RPGs With 40+ Source Books Playable?


Drew DeVault's Geminispace blog - Thoughts on the SpaceX Starship program

Drew DeVault's Geminispace blog - Please don't use Discord for FOSS projects


ew0k is a Teddybear - Book Day

Толстоевский - Offline first, и при чём тут gemini

2021-12-26 - Swapped the Pedals

ew0k is a Teddybear - Back at My Computer

left_adjoint: An inconsistent universe - Protocol pluralism feed - How to stay sane as a DevOps person

The Boston Diaries - I think I'm supposed to say “Merry something something,” and something about good wills


ew0k is a Teddybear - How Do I Make the Most Out of My Kobo eReader?

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