2022-01-22 - Mailing list archives, Atom feed for official news

Mailing list mirrors

A few folk in the Gemini community have already stepped up and released archives of the official mailing list. There are links below. There are two web-based archvies that you can browse in, well, your browser, and also two places you can download files for local viewing over Gemini. If you know of additional mirrors, please feel free to contact me. I am grateful that so many people have been so quick to act on this!

Downloadable archives courtesy of Alex / nytpu

Downloadable archives courtesy of nervuri

Browsable web archive courtesy of Alex Schroeder / the Transjovian Council

Browsable web archive courtes of adano

Atom feed for official news

This official news gemlog now has an Atom feed. There's a link below and also at the index. The index is also formatted according to the subscription companion protocol, so you can also subscribe using a client which supports that.

Official Project Gemini news feed in Atom format

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