2022-01-30 - Minor specification update (0.16.1)

I have just pushed a very minor update to the official specification. Two changes were made.

First, a reference to RFC4646 (in regards to the `lang` parameters of the `text/gemini` media type) was replaced with a reference to BCP 47 (equivalent to RFC5646, which has obsoleted RFC4646).

Second, it has been clarified that the "schematic" outline of a Gemini transaction in Section 1.1 does not imply an obligation on the part of clients to wait until a server closes the connection before beginning to handle received content.

Client and server authors should not need to make any software changes to remain compliant after these clarifying changes.

Some less trivial specification changes should be expected in February, along with an overhaul of much of the official Gemini capsule. Stay tuned!

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