2023-01-14 - Tidying up gemini.circumlunar.space user capsules

In earlier times, I offered free sftp-based Geminispace at this server, and sixty or so people took advantage before I discontinued the offer. Some of those capsules continue to be regularly updated to this day, which makes me very happy. Others have been abandoned, which is to be expected, but some never even got off the ground in the first place. I'd like to start tidying the place up a bit.

As the first and easiest step of cleaning, I hereby announce that if on February 14th 2023 (i.e. one month from the date of this announcement), your user capsule at gemini.circumlunar.space is completely and utterly empty, showing up as nothing but an automatically generated directory listing with just a link back up to the parent directory, then I will delete your account. If you've lost your key or you are having technical problems with sftp, please get in touch with me via the same email address you used to request the account in the first place.

Furthermore, if you got an account here but then later migrated to a pubnix or some other Geminispace provider, and your capsule here is now just a small number of early gemlog posts plus a note saying "Oh hai, I've moved to such-and-such.tld", please consider whether you'd be happy for me to remove your account from this server after putting permanent redirects in place so that any links or bookmarks to your early URLs here point to your new home. If this sounds good, please get in touch with me.

Finally, if you have an account here and you are still actively using it, please don't panic! This tidy up is not a precursor to me shutting down the service entirely. I don't have any plans to do that. It really is just housekeeping.

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